These blog posts explain the Constitution in plain English to help non-lawyers better understand constitutional issues gaining public attention since the 2016 elections. By Dan Cofran, J. D.

The Senate Filibuster – History or Hoax?

The Senate Filibuster - History or Hoax?By Dan Cofran, J.D.Read Time: 8 MinutesCopyright 2021 Dan Cofran The Old Senate Chamber, U. S. Capitol,Source: Wikipedia, Architect of the Capitol A Filibuster is an endless speech by a legislator to talk a bill to death by not surrendering the floor until [...]

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Presidential Executive Privilege in Congressional Investigations

© 2020 Dan Cofran | Posted January 15, 2020 Introduction The President has claimed both absolute immunity and executive privilege to prevent subpoenaed White House aides from appearing as witnesses before House Congressional committee investigative hearings. With a looming Senate impeachment trial, continuing Congressional investigations and numerous court proceedings [...]

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Impeachment Trials in the Senate

© 2020 Dan Cofran Picture From: Wikimedia Commons The Senate’s “Rules of Procedure and Practice When Sitting on Impeachment Trials” apply to trials in the Senate of all federal officers – presidents, vice-presidents, federal judges and cabinet members. The proceeding is unique, perhaps best described as a [...]

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Are Top Presidential Advisors Absolutely Immune to Congressional Subpoenas?

Are Top Presidential Advisors Absolutely Immune to Congressional Subpoenas?  No. © 2020 Dan Cofran Picture From: Wikimedia Commons At least 19 White House officials at the President’s direction have refused to appear before Congressional investigative committees to testify and produce documents, claiming “absolute” immunity”* This includes Attorney [...]

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Can a Sitting President Be Indicted? Part 1

© 2020 Dan Cofran Part I: Yes Reading Time: 6 Minutes This issue has never been litigated, so there are no court decisions on point as judicial precedent.  However, under long-standing judicial principles for interpreting the Constitution, it is evident that a sitting president is not immune to criminal indictment.  [...]

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